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With One Shot
With One Shot Dorothy Marcic
The killer was behind bars—a woman who had confessed to the coldblooded murder of her husband. But Dorothy Marcic suspected a more sinister tale at the heart of her beloved uncle’s violent death. And nothing would stop her from getting to the truth.
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Carmine the Snake
Carmine the Snake Frank DiMatteo, Michael Benson
The shocking true story of the most ruthless and deadly mob boss in the annals of the American Mafia.
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Riding With Reagan
Riding With Reagan John R. Barletta
Reissued and repackaged with an attractive new cover treatment, this warm and affectionate memoir about beloved President Ronald Reagan has been hailed as a classic - and is sure to win new readers during the coming Republican administration.
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Running With Raven
Running With Raven Laura Lee Huttenbach
In 1975, Robert “Raven” Kraft made a New Year’s Resolution to run eight miles on Miami’s South Beach each evening. Over 125,000 miles and seven hurricanes later, he has not missed one sunset—and he has changed the lives of thousands who have run with him.
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