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13 Hours
13 Hours Mitchell Zuckoff
The explosive inside story of how six men fought a terror attack and repelled enemy forces
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1979 Rhona Cameron
The bittersweet tale of a big year in a small town, in the spirit of ANITA & ME
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3 Commando Brigade
3 Commando Brigade Ewen Southby-Tailyour
A heartstopping account of the men of 3 Commando and the six months of brutal combat they faced in Afghanistan
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3 Commando: Helmand Assault
3 Commando: Helmand Assault Ewen Southby-Tailyour
Further tales from the heart of the action in Afghanistan, focusing on air assault of the Taliban
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A Beginner's Guide To Acting English
A Beginner's Guide To Acting English Shappi Khorsandi
A funny and heartwarming memoir about an Iranian girl growing up in 1980s Britain
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A Boy's Own Dale
A Boy's Own Dale Terry Wilson
A charming tale of growing up in the Yorkshire Dales in the 1940s and 50s
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A Cat Called Norton
A Cat Called Norton Peter Gethers
A charming and very funny cat memoir about a Scottish Fold kitten who teaches a loner and cat hater the nature of true love
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A Colossal Failure of Common Sense
A Colossal Failure of Common Sense Larry McDonald, Patrick Robinson
The no-holds-barred account of the destruction of Lehman Brothers, by insider Larry McDonald
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A Country Wife
A Country Wife Lucy Pinney
A memoir from the popular Saturday Times country columnist - the enchanting story of a lifetime love affair with the countryside
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A Dog Year
A Dog Year Jon Katz
The book that inspired Marley and Me, published in the UK for the first time
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A Good Dog
A Good Dog Jon Katz
A heartbreaking tribute to a difficult dog, by the Sunday Times bestselling author of A Dog Year and A Home for Rose
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A Home for Rose
A Home for Rose Jon Katz
By the author of Sunday Times bestselling A Dog Year - Jon Katz moves to the country to give Border Collie puppy Rose a taste of real sheepdog life
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A House in the High Hills
A House in the High Hills Selina Scott
A warm and witty memoir of the ups and downs of buying a ramshackle Spanish farmhouse
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A Lifetime In A Race Matthew Pinsent
The Sunday Times Bestselling autobiography of one of Britain's greatest Olympians - including an account of Pinsent's dramatic and emotional Gold Medal winning final in Athens
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A Long Walk in the High Hills
A Long Walk in the High Hills Selina Scott
A warm and witty memoir of moving to Spain to find a new, simpler way of life, only for a whole new batch of entanglement and one very strong-willed dog to turn life upside down again
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A Man Walks On To a Pitch
A Man Walks On To a Pitch Harry Redknapp
Harry's tales and insight into the game he's lived and breathed for 50 years
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A Moment of Grace
A Moment of Grace Patrick Dillon
A writer’s unforgettable account of his wife’s battle with leukaemia, exploring the nature of love, loss and what it means to survive extraordinary grief.
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A Mother’s Love
A Mother’s Love Deborah Ziegler
A mother’s heart-breaking story of helping her terminally ill daughter fight for her right to die
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A Nurse and Mother
A Nurse and Mother Evelyn Prentis
The third Sunday Times bestseller from the author of A Nurse in Time, a nostalgic memoir of nursing and motherhood at the end of World War 2
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A Nurse in Action
A Nurse in Action Evelyn Prentis
A nostalgic nurse's memoir for fans of Nurse and Call and Yes Sister, No Sister, sequel to A Nurse in Time (March 2011)
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A Nurse in Time
A Nurse in Time Evelyn Prentis
A nostalgic nurse's memoir in the bestselling vein of Call the Midwife and Nurse on Call
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A Race Too Far
A Race Too Far Chris Eakin
Round the world, alone and without stopping - it was the ultimate sailing race that ended in tragedy.
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A Sense of Freedom
A Sense of Freedom Jimmy Boyle
The bestselling classic of gangs, prisons and redemption
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A Sister's Secret
A Sister's Secret Debbie Grafham
A heartbreaking true story of two sisters who were abused by their neighbour and a secret that nearly destroyed them
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