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Kursk Robert Moore
The acclaimed and harrowing bestseller that tells the true story of the fate of Russia's most powerful submarine, the Kursk - and soon to be a major motion picture, starring Colin Firth.
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Sad Men
Sad Men Dave Roberts
It's advertising, but not as you know it: the warmly nostalgic and brilliantly depicted story of a life a world away from Mad Men by the acclaimed author of 32 Programmes and The Bromley Boys.
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Film Freak
Film Freak Christopher Fowler
Much-loved and admired novelist Christopher Fowler follows up his acclaimed memoir, Paperboy, with a second beautifully told, funny and affecting autobiographical volume, recounting his years in Britain's movie business.
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The Unreturning Army
The Unreturning Army Huntly Gordon
Offering an alternative perspective on the Great War to the sweeping overviews of Max Hastings or Margaret Macmillan, a classic memoir of one soldier's experiences on the Western Front...
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A Captain's Duty
A Captain's Duty Richard Phillips
Published for the first time in the UK, an astonishing true story of courage, survival and heroism by the sea captain who became a national hero when he did battle with Somali pirates and exchanged his freedom for the safety of his crew - and now a powerful thrilling film starring Tom Hanks and directed by Paul Greengrass.
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Speed Kings
Speed Kings Andy Bull
SHORTLISTED FOR THE WILLIAM HILL SPORTS BOOK OF THE YEAR The epic story of four extraordinary gentlemen adventurers who came together to win bobsled gold in the 1932 Winter Olympics, and of a doomed generation, infatuated with fast living, heading into the vortex of the Second World War.
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Moving Mountains
Moving Mountains Claire Bertschinger
Memoir by the International Red Cross nurse whose work during the famine in Ethiopia was first brought to the attention of the western world by the BBC's Michael Buerk and which triggered Bob Geldof's Live Aid.
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Princess: Secrets to Share
Princess: Secrets to Share Jean Sasson
Offering fascinating stories of triumphs and heartbreak, this long-awaiting new book by Jean Sasson and Saudi Princess 'Sultana', reveals what it means to be a Saudi woman today.
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The Crazy Gang
The Crazy Gang Dave Bassett, Wally Downes
The real story of football's greatest ever rags to riches rise, from non-league football to winning the FA Cup.
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What Doesn't Kill You...
What Doesn't Kill You... Johnny Herbert
The blood and guts-full autobiography of one of Britain's best-loved motor racing drivers, told with his trademark warmth and humour.
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Gerrard Steven Gerrard
The autobiography of a footballing hero.
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An Aristocratic Affair
An Aristocratic Affair Janet Gleeson
The scandalous life of Georgiana's sister, Harriet Spencer - Countess of Bessborough.
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Princess Jean Sasson
Reissue of the worldwide bestseller by popular demand - a shocking true story of life behind the veil.
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Daughters Of Arabia
Daughters Of Arabia Jean Sasson
Reissue of the sequel to the massive worldwide bestseller Princess
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Mayada: Daughter Of Iraq
Mayada: Daughter Of Iraq Jean Sasson
Iraqi woman's true story of life inside Saddam Hussein's torture prisons, by the bestselling author of PRINCESS
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Gweilo: Memories Of A Hong Kong Childhood
Gweilo: Memories Of A Hong Kong Childhood Martin Booth
Evocative, funny and full of life - a beautifully written and observed childhood memoir of growing up in colonial Hong Kong shortly after World War 2.
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Sheepwrecked Jackie Moffat
Wonderfully observed, witty, warm and wise - a year in the life of the Funny Farm
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Blood and Sand
Blood and Sand Frank Gardner
BBC security correspondent's bestselling memoir about the attempt on his life, his recovery and his experiences in the Middle East.
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At My Mother's Knee...
At My Mother's Knee... Paul O'Grady
The bestselling book of 2008, now available in paperback
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Rocket Men
Rocket Men Ron Haslam, Leon Haslam
The extraordinary story of the motorbike legend and his Superbike racing son
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My Beautiful Game
My Beautiful Game Nancy Dell'Olio
At last, Nancy tells her side of the story...
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Far Horizons
Far Horizons Frank Gardner
New in paperback, the Sunday Times bestseller in which the celebrated BBC Security Correspondent recalls his extraordinary travels before and after the near-fatal attempt on his life...
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The Damage Done
The Damage Done Peter Woolf
The true story of a brutal life of crime in London's dangerous underworld.
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Je t'aime à la Folie
Je t'aime à la Folie Michael Wright
Parte deux of Michael Wright's joyous and very funny bestselling memoir, C'est la Folie
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