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100 Essential Things You Didn't Know You Didn't Know About Maths and the Arts
100 Essential Things You Didn't Know You Didn't Know About Maths and the Arts John D. Barrow
Discover the the unusual and unexpected application of maths that lies behind the arts.
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A Chance Meeting
A Chance Meeting Rachel Cohen
'An absolutely wonderful book' Joseph O'Connor
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A Dance
A Dance Alexander Barabanov
An extraordinary photographic record of dance through history - structured and 'choreographed' to form a dance in ten movements
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A Dancer in Wartime
A Dancer in Wartime Gillian Lynne
An irresistible memoir about a young girl's hard-won path to success as a dancer during the Second World War
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A Day in the Life of The Beatles
A Day in the Life of The Beatles Don McCullin
An extraordinary, never before seen visual record of one day in the life of the Beatles, by one of England's greatest photographers
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A Genius for Failure
A Genius for Failure Paul O'Keeffe
A vivid and compelling biography of Benjamin Robert Haydon (1786-1846) - historical painter and polemicist, diarist, friend of the famous - and genius.
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A Hero for High Times
A Hero for High Times Ian Marchant
A new history of counterculture in the UK, from the release of Heartbreak Hotel in 1956 to the passing of the Criminal Justice Act in 1994
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A Life Of Picasso Volume I
A Life Of Picasso Volume I John Richardson
The first volume of John Richardson's extraordiinary biography of Picasso
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A Life of Picasso Volume II
A Life of Picasso Volume II John Richardson
The second volume of John Richardson's authoritative and bestselling biography of Picasso.
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A Life Of Picasso Volume III
A Life Of Picasso Volume III John Richardson
The magisterial third volume in John Richardson's prize-winning life of the great artist
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A Portrait Of Leni Riefenstahl Audrey Salkeld
More than a biography of one of the legendary film-makers of the twentieth century - now in her nineties - this book brilliantly analyses Riefenstahl's motives as a pioneer in silent movies, as a protege of Hitler's Nazi propoganda campaign in the 1930s, and her plunge into new realms of dangerous adventure sports in her old age.
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A View Of Delft
A View Of Delft Anthony Bailey
'In clear and graceful English, Anthony Bailey presents all that can be known and much that can be guessed about this miraculous painter and his small but active world of Delft. The scholarship is deep; the response to the paintings sensitive, crisp and fresh.' John Updike
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Absolutely on Music
Absolutely on Music Haruki Murakami, Seiji Ozawa
An intimate conversation about music and creativity, between the internationally bestselling writer Haruki Murakami and world-class conductor, Seiji Ozawa.
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Animal London
Animal London Ianthe Ruthven
Dragons guarding gateways, elephants in parks, seamonsters on gables – meet the animals that hide amidst our iconic London landscape.
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At Your Own Risk
At Your Own Risk Derek Jarman
Impassioned, witty and polemical, At Your Own Risk is Derek Jarman's defiant celebration of gay sexuality.
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Awopbopaloobop Alopbamboom
Awopbopaloobop Alopbamboom Nik Cohn
'The definitive history of rock 'n' roll' Rolling Stone
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Balancing Acts
Balancing Acts Nicholas Hytner
‘Witty, waspish, and extraordinarily wise.' Sam Mendes
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Better Living Through Criticism: How to Think about Art, Pleasure, Beauty and Truth
Better Living Through Criticism: How to Think about Art, Pleasure, Beauty and Truth A. O. Scott
The New York Times chief film critic shows why we need criticism now more than ever
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Bill Brandt Paul Delany
The first full biography - beautifully illustrated - of Britain's greatest photographer.
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Bob Dylan In America
Bob Dylan In America Sean Wilentz
A brilliantly written and groundbreaking book about Dylan's music and its musical, political and cultural roots in early 20th-century America.
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Breakfast with Lucian
Breakfast with Lucian Geordie Greig
Breakfast with Lucian is a superb, flawlessly crafted portrait of about as messy a life as was ever lived...out of which emerged the greatest British painter of the past one hundred years.’ Tom Wolfe
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Bright Earth
Bright Earth Philip Ball
A timely reissue of a brilliant exploration of the science of art and of colour
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