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The Power Of Limits
The Power Of Limits Gyorgy Doczi
Proportional harmonies in nature, art, and architecture.
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Landscape As Spirit
Landscape As Spirit Martin Hakubai Mosko, Alxe Noden
Explore the Eastern philosophy-inspired garden design principles that inform the work of landscape architect Martin Mosko.
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Heart Of The Brush
Heart Of The Brush Kazuaki Tanahashi
Its history, techniques, aesthetics, and philosophy—with an in-depth practical guide to understanding and drawing 150 characters
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The Art Of Buddhism
The Art Of Buddhism Denise Patry Leidy
An introduction to its history and meaning
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Polynesian Tattoos
Polynesian Tattoos Roberto Gemori
Evocative and symbolic designs based on the ancient tradition of Polynesian tattoo art.
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