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Reconciliation Action Plan

Our vision for reconciliation at Penguin Random House Australia is to be an organisation that values and celebrates First Nations peoples, cultures, stories and storytelling. We understand the integral role that First Nations cultures plays in our identity as a nation. As a leading, influential publisher, we aspire to publish, employ and collaborate with First Nations peoples in an impactful way, and foster an organisational culture inclusive and respectful of Indigenous knowledges, experiences and perspectives.

Creating a Reflect Reconciliation Plan (RAP) at Penguin Random House Australia enables us to formalise our commitment to change, and to turn good intention into action. It sets a path for our business to continue to work towards reconciliation and constitutional recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. The structured framework enables us to focus our efforts on achieving our goals for reconciliation and better understanding of First Nations peoples, and brings accountability to our efforts.

You can read our Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan here.