Penguin Logo Guidelines

Logo History

Looking for a ‘dignified but flippant’ symbol for the new business in 1935, it was Allen Lane’s secretary who suggested a penguin. As with any symbol, the Penguin logo has appeared in many versions over the years. Drawn initially by Edward Young, the company's First Production Manager, there were versions for both the front of books and general publicity use, as well as narrow versions for the spines. The world famous mark has been updated several times since then, including the venerated Jan Tschichold version of 1948.

Now the mark has been sensitively adapted for the digital age, so that it reproduces equally effectively in print and electronically, at all permitted sizes.


The Penguin logo must never be altered or recreated without the prior permission of Penguin.

The logo should only be reproduced from master digital artwork supplied specifically for this purpose by Penguin's Marketing department.

For permission to use the Penguin logo contact the Marketing department on:

Penguin Group (Australia)
707 Collins Street
Melbourne, VIC 3008, Australia
PO Box 23360, Melbourne, VIC 3008
Phone: + 61 3 9811 2415
Fax: + 61 3 9811 2620

Penguin Logo (Print)

Logo direction

The Penguin should always remain in the same position within the oval and should always face to the viewer’s left. (If applied to a transparent surface, the Penguin should face left according to the
direction from which the majority of people approach.)

Minimum size

For legibility reasons, a minimum size at which the logo may be reproduced is recommended, the logo should never be reproduced for print any smaller 6.5mm / 0.25" high.

Minimum clear space

The logo should always be placed at least 1/7 of the height of the oval away from surrounding items or the edge of the page.

Logo with text

Whenever the ‘Penguin Group’ text appears with the logo it should always be in Sabon Bold, upper and lower case, and should always be centred beneath the logo.

The logo should never be closer than 1/7 of the height of the oval to the cap height of the text.

Logo Colour

We have carefully selected the colourways in which the Penguin logo can be reproduced. These should never be ignored or deviated from.

  1. When printed in full colour the logo should only appear in the three corporate colours: black, white and Penguin Orange (Pantone® 1505).*
  2. Always use the black and white version of the logo when printing black and white.
  3. To ensure accurate colour reproduction the colours for all applications should match the Pantone®, CMYK (process) or RGB (desktop) specifications detailed here.
  4. Shown here is an accurate screen example of the Penguin Orange (RGB).
  5. Always use the colour version of the logo surrounded by a white keyline when printing in colour on a solid background.
  6. Always use the black and white version of the logo surrounded by a white keyline when printing black and white on a solid background. The keyline version of the logo is provided as master digital artwork in various sizes with appropriately weighted keylines. You should use the closest sized logo to the one you require and scale up or down accordingly.
  7. Always use the colour version of the logo when printing in colour, on patterned or picture backgrounds.
  8. Always use the black and white version of the logo when printing black and white on patterned or picture backgrounds.

Logo Uses With Partner Logos

When using the Penguin logo alongside other logos:

  • Always ensure that all logos appear equal in stature.
  • Always place the Penguin logo on the right hand side of it’s partner logo (so the penguin is facing the other logo).
  • Never place the partner logo closer than the minimum clear space to the Penguin logo.


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23 Nov 2015
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