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Centennial Supper Club presents Nick Bryant

Photo credit: © Penguin Random House


Centennial Supper Club presents Nick Bryant

Time & date

6:30pm - 10:30pm, 25th July 2024


Centennial Vineyards View map

252 Centennial Road, Bowral, NSW 2576


Sold Out

Tickets $70, includes dinner + glass of wine.

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As we approach the 250th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, should we concede that the American experiment is failing? How did it become home to such division, mistrust and misinformation?


In The Forever War, journalist Nick Bryant argues that unrest is actually a core part of America’s history.

Combining brilliant storytelling with historical research, he shows how a country that looked confidently to the future has become captive to its contentious past.


Nick Bryant was a foreign correspondent for the BBC and has been posted in Washington, South Asia, Australia and, most recently, New York, where he covered the Trump years. His writing appears in world-famous publications and he broadcasts regularly on the BBC and ABC. Nick studied history at Cambridge and has a doctorate in American politics from Oxford.


The Forever War
The Forever War tells the story of how America’s political polarisation is 250 years in the making, and argues that the roots of its modern-day malaise are to be found in its troubled past.
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