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Harry Hartog Australian National University
153-11 University Avenue Australian National University
Acton, ACT 2601


Join us in conversation with the Winner of the inaugural Penguin Literary Prize KATHRYN HIND who will be talking about her novel Hitch.

The Penguin Literary Prize was established to find, nurture and develop new Australian voices and Kathryn has more than surpassed expectations with Hitch; a raw novel exploring grief, trauma, consent and the realities of womanhood.

Amelia hitchhikes in Australia, lost and mourning, as she struggles to face the death of her mother and the subsequent surfacing of unwanted memories. On the road Amelia is drawn to strangers who compel her to confront her emotions with each encounter influenced by Kathryn’s own experiences hitchhiking in America, Australia and Iceland.

Hitch reveals how an individual’s experiences shape their perceptions of the people and places around them, especially when that individual is a woman alone. Hitch is an account of a young woman finding her feet in a world that consistently questions her right to joy and it implores us to accept a person’s right to find their own way.

Kathryn Hind was born in Canberra and has now returned there after living for five years in the UK. She’s published essays and short stories in various Australian journals and collections,and has had a poem published on one of Canberra’s Action buses. Kathryn began her first novel, Hitch, while studying in the UK, and in 2018 she was awarded the inaugural Penguin Literary Prize for the manuscript.



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