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Mudgee Library
64 Market Street
Mudgee, NSW 2850


Amanda Hampson is the author of The Olive Sisters, Two for the Road, The French Perfumer and The Yellow Villa. Her latest novel is Sixty Summers.

When Maggie, Fran and Rose left Australia for London in 1978, they all had aspirations for themselves. Now the three friends are about to turn sixty and each of them has a growing sense of dissatisfaction with their lives, and a feeling that time is running out to fulfil their own expectations.

Maggie is overwhelmed by the responsibilities of work and a demanding family – and now her mother-in-law has moved in. Fran never married and the latest in a long line of disappointing men seems about to let her down. Rose is married to a brilliant academic who is driving her mad and she yearns to be free.

Sixty is a turning point, perhaps the last chance to dramatically change their lives. They decide to try and reconnect with the dreams of their younger selves, and set off in the footsteps of their 1978 backpacking trip through Europe. What could possibly go wrong?

In researching this novel, Amanda embarked on a European trip retracing her own youthful journey from the 1970s! Join her for a lively discussion about women, ageing, youthful aspirations and life reinventions, followed by morning tea.


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