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Janet is a TV weather presenter. Sometimes she'll admit to liking the adrenalin and modest celebrity of the nightly news. Other times she wonders if she really can have it all. Her young son Harry's behaviour is increasingly unpredictable and her husband complains that their marriage is drying up. Like the content of her forecasts, Janet's life feels out of control.Roy is scared of the weather, too. An acclaimed sculptor, he is working on the biggest commission of his life, and when he feels the first splinterings of dementia he knows he's got to make it count. His devoted wife Beth can't bear to witness his deterioration, but what can she do in the face of these darkening clouds?Tracing the high-pressure zones of life, The Unexpected Elements of Love reveals a compelling portrait of how we live now, under a common sky.

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  • EBook


    September 3, 2007

    Penguin eBooks

    264 pages

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