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A new edition of this classic picture book by two of Australia’s best-loved children’s book creators.

June Factor’s simple text and Alison Lester’s delightful illustrations combine to celebrate a special summer’s day and all that it brings: changing weather, family gatherings, lots of fun and ... Christmas!

A new edition of this classic picture book by two of Australia’s best-loved children’s book creators.


Pre School - Grade 2: It's Christmas Day on a farm in Australia, and the busy summer day is described in rhyme. The simple, child-like line drawings colored with watercolors reinforce the changing moods of the text, ranging from a bright sunrise to an afternoon rainstorm to a star-filled evening. Each verse (except the first) is introduced by a framed illustration. Vignettes which help develop each character accompany the remainder of each verse. Each verse is followed by a double-page illustration which completely fills both pages and intensifies the mood created by the text. The pictures are full of humor - Grandma on new roller skates, Dad with measles - and are filled with intriguing details: prize ribbons on a bookcase, a broken toy, a wombat and kookaburras ... a dinosaur drawing over a bed, a child's artwork pinned up, magnetic letters on the refrigerator. Preschoolers will enjoy listening to and exploring the book; second-graders will be able to tackle the simple text themselves.

School Library Journal

Australia's summer ... [and] Christmas season ... [are] celebrated in this picture book. The sun rises one warm country day in the farmlands; the children awaken and join in as the family prepares for Christmas dinner. In spite of adversity ('Dad's got measles, Mum's got flu, Auntie Lil's locked in the loo'), the family is hard at work making such traditional Australian foods as saveloys (sausages) and pikelets (pancakes). Later, 'Puddin' steamin' in the pot,/ Pork and cracklin',/ spuds, the lot,' round out the Yuletide feast served outdoors under leafy trees. A storm forces them to run inside, but the family emerges later to sit on the front porch to gaze at the stars. The unusual Christmas setting and exotic words are enhanced by the moody, softly shaded illustrations. Gentle touches of family humor are in evidence throughout this pleasant and unusual offering. Ages 3-8.

Publishers Weekly

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Formats & editions

  • Hardback


    November 28, 2016


    32 pages

    RRP $19.99

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