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Originally a popular Kickstarter, Rewordable is a uniquely fragmented word-building card game, designed for making longer, quicker, and more colorful words.

Rewordable is a combination of Scrabble and UNO, a word game for for 2-8 players where players can build words for rewards and steal each other’s words for added points. Each game uses a subset of 60 cards from the 120 card game deck and the goal is to build up the biggest lexicon of words. Players take turns making words, using at least one card from their hand; they may also use cards from the center pool, add onto their own already constructed words, or steal words from other players. 16 Rewardable reward tokens give players a changing set of goals, potential strategies, and bonuses every turn.The game found 3 times the amount of money it was looking for on Kickstarter, and has been played and tested by many key influencers in the space.