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  • Published: 19 July 2022
  • ISBN: 9781529125566
  • Imprint: Century
  • Format: Trade Paperback
  • Pages: 448
  • RRP: $32.99

Operation Moonlight

A life-affirming story about family, war and espionage.

1945: newly recruited SOE agent Elisabeth Shepherd is faced with an impossible mission: to parachute behind enemy lines into Nazi-occupied France to monitor the new long-range missiles the Germans are working on.

Her only advice? Trust absolutely no one. With danger lurking at every turn, one wrong move for Elisabeth could spell instant death.

In the present, Betty is about to celebrate her 100th birthday. With her carer Tali at her side, she receives an invite from the Century Society to reminisce on the past.

Remembering a life shrouded in secrecy and danger, Betty remains tight-lipped. But when Tali finds a box filled with maps, letters and a gun hidden in Betty's cellar, it becomes clear that Betty's secrets are about to be uncovered.

Nostalgic, heart-pumping and truly page-turning, OPERATION MOONLIGHT is a both a gripping read and a novel that makes you think about a generation of women and men who endured so much, and knew what it truly meant to survive.

  • Published: 19 July 2022
  • ISBN: 9781529125566
  • Imprint: Century
  • Format: Trade Paperback
  • Pages: 448
  • RRP: $32.99

Praise for Operation Moonlight

Mr. Hanks turns out to be as authentically genuine a Writer with a capital W as ever touched a typewriter key. The stories in Uncommon Type range from the hilarious to the deeply touching. They move in period, location and manner, but all demonstrate a joy in writing, a pleasure in communicating an intensely American sense of atmosphere, friendship, life and family that is every bit as smart, engaging and humane as the man himself. All with that extra quality of keenly observant and sympathetic intelligence that has always set Tom Hanks apart. I blink, bubble and boggle in amazed admiration.

Stephen Fry

It turns out that Tom Hanks is also a wise and hilarious writer with an endlessly surprising mind. Damn it.

Steve Martin

The central quality to Tom's writing is a kind of poignant playfulness. It's exactly what you hope from him, except you wish he was sitting in your home, reading it aloud to you, one story at a time.

Mindy Kaling

Wait - Tom Hanks can write, too? Funny, moving, deftly surprising stories? That's just swell. Maybe there's no crying in baseball, pal, but it's perfectly acceptable in the book business. That's how we drown envy.

Carl Hiaasen

Hanks can write the hell out of typing, and his dialogue is excellent, too.While these stories have the all-American sweetness, humour, and heart we associate with his screen roles, Hanks writes like a writer, not a movie star.


Uncommon Type is funny, wise, gloriously inventive and humane. Tom Hanks sees inside people - a wary divorcee, a billionaire trading desire for disaster, a boy witnessing his father's infidelity, a motley crew shooting for the moon - with such acute empathy and good humour we'd follow him anywhere. The cumulative effect is of a world I didn't want to leave.

Anna Funder

Reading Tom Hanks's Uncommon Type is like finding out that Alice Munro is also the greatest actress of our time.

Ann Patchett

He's a bona fide superstar in the acting world and now Tom Hanks is setting the literary world ablaze . Stephen Fry loved it, and so do we.

Irish Tatler

Funny and moving, with a wide spectrum of subjects, this is an engaging collection.

Woman and Home

Uncommon Type is actually, much like its author, a warm, gently funny and mostly engaging collection of seventeen stories

Red Online

All American life is here ... Delightful ... Hanks's prose is impressive, with a strong voice and stylistic flair ... so fluent, convincing and confident that you forget it belongs to Tom Hanks, movie star. He's just a writer. And he's going to write a great novel one day.

Melissa Katsoulis, The Times

[Tom Hanks's] first collection of stories reverses the trick, unveiling the inventive mind behind his regular-guy façade ... His characters, like the machines on which he creates them, are idiosyncratic, disconnected from the mainstream ... There's darkness too: infidelity, war, Hollywood press junkets. Hanks's voice is as direct and dry as the one we know from his films ... Hanks has played so many roles. Of course they will have rubbed off, on him and on us. His book reflects that variety. You never know what you're gonna get next.

Sunday Telegraph

On the page, as on screen, Hanks is, simply, a lovely person to be around ... Hanks captures the child's-eye view of the world with pitch-perfect accuracy . and as a writing project it nails perhaps the hardest thing of all: a story in which nothing and everything happens.

Emma Brockes, Guardian

Tom Hanks is as natural on paper as he is on the big screen .Tom Hanks is a natural born storyteller ... You can hear his voice and feel the warm glow of his genial personality in Uncommon Type . There is an ease in his writing and a pleasure in the reading. He is clearly someone who delights in the rhythm and pacing found in a finely crafted paragraph ... He belongs to a tradition of American storytellers that includes Mark Twain or O'Henry although there is a range of work in Uncommon Type that defies such a catch-all definition ... has echoes of HG Wells and Philip K Dick . Uncommon Type has tales of fractured families and broken hearts, faltering relationships and people who are happy being just the way they are . There is a dark side to some of the stories but the overriding impression is that Hanks is an incorrigible romantic and a cock-eyed optimist.


It's brilliant . A beautiful collection of short stories.

ES Magazine

They're all beautifully written and full of heart.

Sunday Mirror

Hanks can write. These pieces, some of which feature recurring characters and many of which explore the classic American short story territory of small-town life, have the authentic, worn-in feel of a favourite pair of jeans.


The great strengths of this collection are decency and sentimentality.

Sunday Times

[P]layful, perceptive and rewarding.

Sunday Express

An entertaining collection.

Mail on Sunday

Pretty impressive.

The Sun

There always comes a slight wariness when we discover that someone who is generally renowned for one thing turns out to be very good at something else . But what makes Uncommon Type even harder to dismiss is the silky-smooth momentum and unforced hum that Hanks' writing glides along with here.

Irish Examiner

Sensitive, often witty and sometimes melancholic reflections.


Unveil[s] the inventive mind behind his regular-guy façade.

Daily Telegraph

Perfect for book lovers and cinephiles alike.


A pretty damn good writer.

OK! Magazine

Full of Hanks' winning charm.

Mr Hyde

A book you'll want to hug.


It's impossible not to love Tom Hanks' new book . each story is utterly charming and a delight to devour.


He isn't a competent writer, he's an excellent writer.


Hanks' measured storytelling makes the collection an addictive read.

Hindustan Times

Startlingly good. A spellbinding easygoing read, it is hard to find any fault, other than that Hanks is annoyingly talented and yet still somehow remains impossible to dislike.

Irish News

Entirely engaging.

Daily Mail

Startlingly good . each of these 17 stories leap out from the page in their authenticity and whimsicality . A spellbindingly easygoing read, it is hard to find fault.

Press Association

A wonderful collection.


Warm, gently funny and mostly engaging.


Behind the collection is a warmth and humanity.

Sunday Sport

Unexpectedly brilliant.

Love It!

It makes perfect sense that his first foray into fiction writing, with the short-story collection Uncommon Type, embodies the same all-American spirit . He can write engagingly . He has a particular aptitude for writing dialogue, perhaps unsurprisingly, and a wry turn of phrase that blooms at times into rollicking repartee . The past comes into play much more powerfully when Hanks asks implicit questions about how America has changed, particularly in the welcome it offers to immigrants . These are picaresque characters, enacting stories of friendship and adventure . There is life here, and humour, along with evocative moments of reflection on the state of the American dream. It is clear that Hanks is aiming for entertainment and whimsy over any attempt at high literary style. And on those terms, these stories are a hit.

Financial Times

A spellbindingly easygoing read, it is hard to find fault.

The Universe

These stories are a hit.

Financial Times

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