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What's so great about normal anyway? When enough people are out of step, they can form an army of their own. The hilarious and heart-warming novel from much-loved bestselling author, Lissa Evans.

'Evans is very funny . . . the Tom Sharpe for the next generation' Sunday Express

Some are born odd, some achieve oddness and some are just in the wrong place at the wrong time…

Netta Lee had always felt like the odd one out growing up. But when, as an adult, she returns to the Midlands to help her family move house, it becomes apparent that perhaps she isn’t the unusual one after all. A brother with a penchant for rubbish collection, a mother who seems to think she’s running the Bolshoi Ballet rather than the local junior dance school and a hoard of questionably competent friends challenge Netta’s ordered world.

Perhaps the life – and the people – she tried so hard to leave behind are not as distant as she thought.


'Giggle-aloud and sprinkled with just enough fairytale magic

Mail on Sunday

Evans takes a hilarious look at the wildly dysfunctional Devon family and the hapless characters drawn into their personal black hole of social disaster

Sunday Express

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    June 29, 2017

    Transworld Digital

    336 pages

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