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  • Published: 1 February 2016
  • ISBN: 9780143780441
  • Imprint: Ebury Australia
  • Format: Trade Paperback
  • Pages: 288
  • RRP: $34.99


Move Beyond the Competition, Create More Value, and Become the Obvious Choice

People want to buy from, work for, and partner with companies that matter. So how do you build a company that matters?

People want to buy from, work for, and partner with companies that matter. So how do you build a company that matters?Companies and people that matter have successfully become the obvious choice in the hearts and minds of their customers, their employees and their communities. They elevate themselves by consistently finding ways to solve the most pressing needs their markets face. The result? They create more value year after year and build sustainable, differentiated organizations.

In Matter, Peter Sheahan, Julie Williamson and Dom Thurbon show you how to identify the place where you can create the most value – your edge of disruption – at the intersection of old and new, where your existing profits, reach and reputation enable you to create the markets of the future. This is the place where the most important problems are solved and where the fewest people can solve them. Your edge of disruption is where your opportunity to matter is found.

Matter uses extensive case studies of real companies that have successfully become the obvious choice in their markets – from high-profile corporations like Adobe and Burberry to lesser-known brands like Littlefield and BlueShore Financial. Their stories define innovative and impactful approaches you can use to influence and partner with the right customers and clients in our radically changing world. Through their journeys, you will find the inspiration and courage to lean into complexity and solve the higher-value problems that matter most.

Don't just read this book – use it to identify and act on opportunities to create the most value and accelerate your own journey to becoming a person and a company that matters.

'Matter is a must-read intellectual roadmap for all those courageous leaders looking to make an actual difference' – Jeremy Gutsche, CEO, Trend Hunter, and New York Times bestselling author

  • Published: 1 February 2016
  • ISBN: 9780143780441
  • Imprint: Ebury Australia
  • Format: Trade Paperback
  • Pages: 288
  • RRP: $34.99

About the authors

Peter Sheahan

Peter Sheahan, Group CEO and Founder of global consultancy Karrikins Group, is known internationally for his innovative business thinking and thought leadership. Having successfully grown his own global company, Peter knows firsthand the challenges of building a business in a volatile and disruptive world. He has worked with some of the world's leading brands, including Microsoft, IBM, AT&T, and Wells Fargo. In addition to being a leading business author (his books include Making It Happen, Flip and Generation Y), Peter has been named one of the '25 Most Influential Speakers' by the US National Speakers Association and is the youngest member to have ever been inducted into the Association's 'Hall of Fame'.

Dom Thurbon

Dom Thurbon, Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer at Karrikins Group, is a thought leader, keynote speaker, and world top-10 debater. Dom has partnered with brands such as Commonwealth Bank, Singtel, Lexus, and Johnson & Johnson to architect award-winning behaviour change programs that reach over 750,000 people annually. He sits on the Education Advisory Committee of Child and Youth Finance International (Chaired by UNESCO, Amsterdam), and is a regular contributor to international forums in fields of transformation, education, and the future of work.

Julie Williamson

Julie Williamson, PhD, Vice President Strategy and Research at Karrikins Group, is a leading voice in how organizations link together communication, design, strategy, sales, marketing and service to deliver sustainable growth. Julie is a grounded theory researcher, and she uses traditional and progressive resources in her strategy and transformation work. She focuses on helping clients arrive at solutions that are informed by data and inspired by creativity. Julie has a passion for working with clients on customer and employee engagement, as well as building strategies focused on growth.

Praise for Matter

This book inspires us all to build companies that matter, where customers' best interests fuel innovation. It teaches us how to embrace a disruptive edge as a defining competitive advantage – and make our company the obvious choice by focusing all our attention and actions on people. This book should be compulsory reading inside companies that want to lead

Ken Fenoglio, Vice President, AT&T University

If you want to be a leader that matters, this is the only book that matters

Mel Robbins, award-winning CNN commentator, TEDx sensation and bestselling author

In a hyper-competitive world, Matter will give you the roadmap to finding your edge of disruption and offer specific tactics for exploiting the opportunities you find there, and ensure you become the obvious choice in the process

Josh Linkner, four-time tech entrepreneur and New York Times bestselling author

Now more than ever in our fast-moving environment, it's necessary to fight against commoditization and add value; this book provides not just case studies of how companies are achieving this but practical guidance on how to achieve the same in any business

Charles Stanley, President, Forevermark at DeBeers

Matter left me energized with a new perspective on how to create value for our customers, investors, employees, and communities. These insights and tools are as applicable to business as they are in life

Zachary T. Neumeyer, Chairman, Sage Hospitality Resources

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