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A scintillating love story in the Random Romance series. She has every reason to hate him - so why is her heart telling her to love him?

A scintillating love story in the Random Romance series. She has every reason to hate him - so why is her heart telling her to love him?

When Mia Beaufort flees Melbourne after a scandal turns her life upside down, she finds refuge in the beautiful town of Lorne on the Great Ocean Road. There she’s happy to keep her head down, working on illustrations for a children’s book.

Then one evening, at the local Italian restaurant, Mia finds herself locking eyes with the tall, dark, devastatingly handsome Jack Brunelli – in a way that both excites and disturbs her.

Because Jack Brunelli appears to have taken a passionate dislike to her, despite - or perhaps because of - Mia’s close friendship with his father, the elderly Signor Alberto.

Could he have discovered the secret from her past? Is Mia falling hopelessly and helplessly in love with the man who could destroy her?


I really enjoyed this book. Mia tries to push aside the attraction she feels for a handsome stranger, but finds herself encountering him over and over again. He makes some hasty assumptions about her character and doesn't treat her very nicely at first. Eventually, they discover the true character of one another and fall in love. (Sorry, that shouldn't be a spoiler with a title like "Lovelorn"!) I recommend this book!

Jennifer Yaggi

Loved, loved, loved this little story!!! Perhaps it was the accents, or the surrounding or my love of all things Italian . . . but I loved them all! When life gives you lemons??? Make lemon gelatto, or limocello, or lemon linguini . . . I was so hungry reading this book. In that way, it reminded me of “Playing for Pizza” (a GREAT book, highly recommend if you haven’t read it!). Mia is a nice, sweet woman who loves art and all that it entails. But sadly, she thought she needed to “grow up” and get a real job, so she did. She worked a huge gallery as an assistant curator, but when art goes missing and her signature was the last on the paperwork, her grown up life hands her grown up consequences. Fleeing it all, I loved watching her become the person she was meant to be. Sometimes we don’t know who or what we want to be at 23 . . . and time and perspective allow us to ripen and mature. Mia was just ripe for the picking when Jack came along . . . oh, do I love Jack. I don’t want to say more, for fear I will ruin this gem for you other readers . . . but GET THE BOOK. Enjoy!

Karia, Talk Books To Me, Talk Books To Me

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    November 1, 2014

    Random House Australia

    304 pages

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