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  • Published: 1 August 2014
  • ISBN: 9780857984548
  • Imprint: Random House Australia
  • Format: EBook
  • Pages: 224

Losing Patients

A delightful cozy mystery full of intrigue and flirtation. Can true love be found in the hunt for a killer?

A delightful cozy mystery full of intrigue and flirtation. Can true love be found in the hunt for a killer?

It’s Bree Branson’s first day at Pemberton Private Hospital and the last thing she needs is a patient dying in suspicious circumstances on her watch. The only person who can help her clear her name is the one person she was hoping to avoid, the devastatingly handsome Sam Vincent . . . the doctor she stood up three years ago.

Forced to work together to find a killer, will Bree and Sam be able to leave their past behind to find a future together?

  • Published: 1 August 2014
  • ISBN: 9780857984548
  • Imprint: Random House Australia
  • Format: EBook
  • Pages: 224

About the author

Virginia Taylor

After training at the South Australian School of Art, Virginia accepted a job at an advertising agency. With a more interesting working life in mind, she re-trained as a nurse, and then a midwife. By then, she met the man of her dreams, married, had two children, worked part time, and began writing romance.

Over the years Virginia has been a set painter and designer, and is currently designing a garden for a National Trust home.

And they say you can't have it all.

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Praise for Losing Patients

Hands down the best dialogue I’ve read in a book this year.

The Never Ending Bookshelf, Goodreads

One of those books that read effortlessly and just wrap you up inside the plot and setting, pitting you right there beside the characters as you watch it all happen like a movie inside your mind . . . Witty, warm, and engaging - the perfect feel-good romance.

Zee Monodee, Goodreads

This is a great book for summer nights – fun and flirty!

Sam Still Reading, Goodreads

This was a fabulous book. It not only kept me on my toes but it truly grasped the truth behind the insecurities between lovers. By keeping heated scenes it's top priority's, this book had swindled me into it's oh so tempting pages, and will soon lure you to crack this book's spine time and time again.

Evelyn Rookey, Goodreads

An enormous novella with a no-nonsense heroine, a charming hero, some great one-liners, a refreshing medicine backdrop and best setting on the planet! Love how this story showcases our hometown. Well worth a read!

Emmeline Lock, Goodreads

The closer I got to the end of the novel, the more I wished it would never end.

LAS Reviewer, Amazon.com

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and in fact couldn`t put it down! The characters were believable and I loved the interaction of the nursing staff with each other and then of course with the various "gorgeous" doctors. The plot was fun and I can imagine most of the scenarios taking place! Obviously the author has inside knowledge of the runnings of a busy hospital and too the lifestyle of a registered nurse working the horrid shift work that is part and parcel of a nurse`s life! I would recommend this book - especially as a read simply for pleasure!

ROSCO, Amazon.com

By becoming involved with the plot of Losing Patients, the reader gets the chance to live the life of a clever, witty nurse—something I could never emulate without the power of the writer's mind and imagination. Although the novel is listed under the genre of Romance, the story contains the tension of a thriller, the thought process of a detective novel, and the yearning of a woman in love but determined not to show it. The power of Virginia Taylor's writing involves the reader in the plot showing tenderness, spirit, and the thoughtful encouragement of a child in the family. The finely drawn descriptions of people and places helped me to live the story vicariously. I could experience the city of Adelaide, the cars, the houses, the nurses working with Bree, and most of all, the way she perceives her own family compared to Sam's relations. Refusing to fit in with society, Bree sticks to her individual flare in clothing, and flaunts expected behaviour. The wealthy Sam loves her for it, although he doesn't tell her, which keeps them both from knowing their true feelings for each other. Is it love, or lust? I suggest you read the book to the gripping conclusion and find out.

Fieldcene, Amazon.com

I really enjoyed this novel, mystery and suspense with romance and humour throughout and I didn't even guess who the culprit was.

Marlin1, Goodreads

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