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A collection of coding books designed especially for young computer enthusiasts.

Learning to code is a lot like learning a foreign language – and there are many languages to choose from. DK’s range of coding books mainly focus on coding with Scratch – a coding language designed especially for ages 8-16. It’s currently used in educational settings in over 150 different countries and is simple, fun and a great introduction to the skills needed to master more complex coding projects.

  • Packed with flaps and pops to help you code - without a computer!

  • Create crazy graphics, crack fiendish codes, and compose crafty quizzes with this amazing collection of Python projects.

  • Learn to code games and use Scratch, guided by your favorite Star Wars characters!

  • Computer coding is now firmly on the Australian education agenda, as a key skill for children to start learning.

  • DK

    Your kids will be building computer games and learning code in no-time with Coding Computer Games for Kids.

  • DK

    Create mind-bending illusions, crazy animations and interactive artworks with this amazing collection of Scratch projects. Suitable for beginners and experts alike, Computer Coding Projects for Kids has everything you need to learn how to code.

  • DK

    DK Australia's Coding in Scratch for Games Made Easy is an engaging, fun guide to coding games in Scratch, the easy-to-use (and free to download!) visual code that provides a gateway to more complicated coding languages. 

  • DK

    DK Australia's Coding with Scratch Made Easy is a playful, hands-on introduction to working with Scratch, the easy-to-use - and free to download! - visual code that provides a gateway to more complicated coding languages. 

  • DK

    Help kids develop their coding skills with Coding Projects with Scratch Made Easy, a cool introduction to Scratch programming.

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