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A timely and powerful investigation of the food choices we make every day.
These days most people want to live as lightly as possible on our precious planet. What we choose to eat is a very basic decision, yet it has huge implications - for the sustainability of species, for the quality of the environment, for both human and animal rights and for the world's climate. And when we take the time to scrutinise what we put on our table and where it comes from, it becomes clear that all is not right in the world of 'conventional' food production.
Ethical Eating explores the ethical and environmental implications of the food choices we make, looking at the issues from a uniquely Australian perspective. Angela Crocombe examines the pros and cons of modern-day farming methods, and of the highly processed 'pseudo-foods' now so prevalent in our society, and considers alternatives that use more natural and humane systems of production.
Thoroughly researched and thoroughly convincing, Ethical Eating should be required reading for every household. If each of us acts on just some of its recommendations, we will live better and also enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing our food choices haven't cost the earth.

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    September 1, 2008

    Penguin eBooks

    260 pages

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