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The hilarious true story of one girl's experience of life on Tinder.

The laugh-out-loud true story of one girl's experience of life on Tinder.

Rosy Edwards is the epitome of a contradictory twenty-something year old. She’s frugal when it comes to food shopping, but is willing to splash out on shampoo. She’s career minded, she just doesn’t know which career to have in mind right now. And although she’s happy being single, a part of her kind of wants a boyfriend.

So after a few unsuccessful dates with friends of friends (read: being forced to date their shortest/dullest/oddest acquaintance), she put herself on Tinder, the app that has transformed the world of online dating. And she soon learns the unspoken rules the hard way: always reject a guy with black and white profile pics (he is ginger and/or ugly); is wearing a hat (bald); has a shot of his torso (moron) or is not standing beside anything scaleable (5”8 and under).

And then there are the dates themselves. From a sky-high dinner date to a borderline drug bust in Chelsea, Rosy has experienced it all, swinging through her love life on the trapeze of Tinder. She falls for the wrong guys, ditches the nice ones, but can she finally find her happy ending.

Brilliantly honest and hilariously funny, Rosy’s story shows us all that the key to a successful love life could just be a swipe away.


From Belle du Jour to Bridget Jones, the sexploit confessional has long been a popular genre, but Edwards’s new book, Confessions of a Tinderella, takes it to new levels of disclosure as she ’fesses up about her real-life experiences of dating and dumping men on Tinder. Like a real-life Bridget [Jones], Edwards recounts getting laid, getting into scrapes, her biscuit-and-booze binges and, above all, wanting to meet Mr Right and marry him.

Evening Standard

The perfect gift for your single girlfriend, whether she’s still happily swiping or has given up on the dating game. Confessions of a Tinderella as told by former Tinder addict Rosy Edwards, is a hilarious and horrifyingly relatable account of modern dating. Guaranteed to have singletons cringing and laughing in equal measure.

Marie Claire

Hilarious ... Confessions of a Tinderella recounts everything from bum-biting to beer goggles with brazen honesty.


A brilliantly honest book that's sure to provide proper belly laughs.


Totally addicted from the first page. It’s relatable, funny and really moving in places. Rosy is amazing at conveying her feelings, especially instances of pathetic fallacy, and at points I had a lump in my throat. Of course it’s also funny and endearing – a must read of anyone who has dabbled with dating apps, and lives in a city that can get a bit lonely at times.

Emma Gannon

Bridget Jones with a broadband connection ... as holiday reads go, it's a sure-fire winner.

Irish Independent

It is, at heart, Bridget Jones with an iPhone.

The Register





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    February 15, 2016


    384 pages

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