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'Spike Milligan wrote the book on today's sense of humour'

'But why keep me in the dark, Holmes?'
'It saves electicity, Watson.'

'What is a black spot? Is it an accident?'

'He gave a groan and he was alive! He spoke as he sat up, 'Have you got a fag, mate?'

Welcome to the world of the classic adventure story, hilariously retold by legendary comic Spike Milligan. Relive Robin Hood, in which Little John becomes Big Dick and the Merry Men are joined by Groucho Marx. give yourself the willies with Frankenstein, whose monster comes to life craving a cigarette. join Sherlock Holmes for The Hound Of Baskervilles, where Guinness and Newcastle Brown are taken intravenously and a woman cries in the night. Thrill to Black Beauty as told by the horse himself. And the hunt for buried treasure with Long John Silver, Jim Hawkins and ... Groucho Marx in Treasure Island.
Spike Milligan, the much-loved entertainer, broadcaster and writer, was widely regarded as the most influential British comedian since the Second World War. On his death in 2002, he was remembered as an 'irreverent and hysterical presence' by Prince Charles. Fellow comedian and writer Stephen Fry described Milligan's writing as 'abosutely immortal'.


Milligan is often at his best here ... the effect is both funny ha-ha and funny peculiar.


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    October 1, 2007

    Virgin Books

    400 pages

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