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A light-hearted look at felines and their most amusing (and infuriating) habits, Cats is the perfect gift for cat enthusiasts of all ages and every level of cat-fanaticism

A lighthearted look at our feline friends and their most amusing (and infuriating) habits.

Over 140 entries delightfully illustrate a wealth of cat breeds – from the attention-loving Siamese to the playful Exotic Shorthair – followed by an extensive cat dictionary, which finally defines those characteristic behaviours and cat-related incidents that all cat lovers will recognise.

British Shorthair – an old-fashioned sort of Brit. Reserved, mild-tempered, quiet and faithful. Probably the sort of cat that would host a very exclusive and polite cocktail party. Most often comes in a delightful blue hue.

Foldex – although it sounds like a trademarked name for a hi-tech folding machine, this is in fact a folded-ear breed that was first developed in the 1990s in Quebec, Canada. Their wide eyes and thick, fluffy tail is complemented by a cheerful and affectionate personality.

Catanchored – a cat that is unafraid of anything and remains impassive and immovable even when spotted by a dog (much to the dog’s confusion and alarm).

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    October 30, 2017

    Square Peg

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