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Eight boys are about to take on a crew of fifty cut-throat pirates . . . is this an impossible quest?

Eight boys are about to take on a crew of fifty cut-throat pirates . . . is this an impossible quest?

Hal and the Heron brotherband are on the trail of Zavac and his precious cargo. Will they be able to find the pirates when the weather clears? And when they do, how can they possibly beat the mighty Raven and its crew of vicious cut-throats and killers?

A chance discovery will lead them to their prey, but the pirates have a well-fortified position. The Herons must drive out the invaders - and to succeed, Hal will need to devise a foolproof plan. In the icy waters of the Stormwhite, the smallest mistake could prove fatal.

Enter a world of wolfships, epic battles and treachery in the cold northern seas. Enter the world of Brotherband.


With the writing style of a poet and a story that would make any boy scout jump for joy, John Flanagan has written an adventure book that I would not be surprised to see alongside Eragon and Lord of the Rings … A definite recommendation to anyone who likes a good uplifting story.

Ballarat Courier

John Flanagan tells a good story about working together. He shows that retaliation isn't the only acceptable way to solve things. I really enjoyed the description of the sea voyages, the armour and the fighting. I give this book four-and-a-half stars.

Joseph Wassington, Townsville Bulletin

With the wonderfully large world that John Flanagan created in Ranger's Apprentice, The Invaders will have you wishing you were a Skandian yourself!

Harry Dempsey, age 13, Launceston Examiner

Flanagan maintains the suspense, and there is a satisfying battle, but above all it is the interplay of characters that hook the reader.

Jo Goodman, Magpies

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Formats & editions

  • Paperback


    May 1, 2012

    Random House Australia Children's

    464 pages

    RRP $17.99

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  • EBook


    May 1, 2012

    Random House Australia

    200 pages

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