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The award-winning debut novel
One woman's quest to unmask a killer becomes a journey of self-discovery with devastating consequences.
Pleasure rules in eighteenth-century Venice, where any desire can be satisfied. But while hedonists delight in the decadence of Carnevale, a killer stalks his victims' dreams, believing he has found the answer to the most secret desire within us all - the desire to live forever.
Only one woman has the power to stop the slaughter. But as the killer draws closer, she uncovers a trail of sacrifice and betrayal leading back into her past. To unmask the murderer, she must set a trap with the power to destroy them all...
In the tradition of Anne Rice and Patrick Suskind, Blood of Dreams transports you to another world. A truly intoxicating novel.

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  • EBook


    June 30, 2008

    Penguin eBooks

    420 pages

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