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Book clubs  •  29 January 2024


The Other Bridget book club questions

A feelgood romantic comedy by Australia's bestselling romance writer.

The Other Bridget is a feelgood romantic comedy, perfect for reading with your book club. Following a librarian named Bridget Jones (yes, like the character), the book charts her course as she navigates her relationship with two potential love interests: the charming barista and her grumpy neighbour. Will Bridget’s life finally mirror the romance novels she loves reading so much?

Discussion points and questions

  • Bridget believes that, due to her name, she has been placed under a romance ‘curse’. Do you think her view is justified?
  • ‘Love happens when you’re least expecting it.’ Discuss.
  • Are dating apps a blessing or a curse for singles?
  • What’s the best meet-cute you have ever heard of or experienced yourself?
  • Do you think the romance genre gets a bad rap?
  • Who was your favourite Bookstar member and why?
  • Do you agree with Bridget that books have the power to change lives? Is there a book that has changed yours?
  • What do you think is the greatest romance novel of all time?
  • Have you ever seen a film adaptation that’s better than the book?
  • Discuss the importance of friendship in the novel. Which friendship was your favourite?
  • Are little white lies ever okay if they’re told with good intent?
  • What do you think Janine means when she says, ‘You can decide to be the hero of your own story rather than the victim’?
  • Do you agree with Bridget’s friends when they tell her ‘No one deserves a happy ever after more than you do?’
  • Have you read any other Rachael Johns novels? Which is your preferred genre of hers, and why?


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The Other Bridget
'The feelgood read of the year.' - Better Reading
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