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Book clubs  •  6 September 2022


The Opal Miner’s Daughter Book Club Questions

This heartwarming medical rural romance from the bestselling author of The Bush Telegraph is the perfect choice for book clubs wanting a moving and uplifting story to discuss.

When obstetrician Riley Brand leaves her North Shore medical practice to move to Lightning Ridge in search of her mother, she never expects to be welcomed and challenged in the ways her new life brings.

Th Opal Miner's Daughter is a moving and heartwarming story about new life and new loves, about the treasures to be found above and beneath the surface of a small country town, and about the important choices women must make in life, making it a brilliant choice for book club discussions.

Discussion points and questions for your book club

  • Have you ever wanted to pack up and take a break from your life for a little while? Where would you go?
  • Riley thinks a committed relationship will interfere with her career ambitions. How does her attitude towards this change throughout the novel?
  • Several of the characters, like Melinda, Konrad and Toby have experienced trauma and are still dealing with its consequences. How do these characters start to put their lives back together and heal?
  • Adelaide finds a sense of belonging among the eccentric and wonderful people of Lightning Ridge. Why do you think this is?
  • Riley tells Toby, ‘One life, that’s all you get. Up to you.’ What do you think she means by this? Do you think this is good advice?
  • Adelaide decides to learn about mining opals later in life. What’s a hobby or interest you’ve always dreamed of pursuing and why?
  • ‘Mothers always blew her away with their strength and power.’ How does meeting Melinda help change Riley’s ideas about motherhood?
  • What is the role of community in the novel? Which characters are helped the most by the community of Lightning Ridge?
  • Adelaide’s relationship with Tyler has changed by the end of the novel for the better. Do you think it is a case of ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ or another reason?
  • If you have read any of Fiona McArthur’s other books, what similarities and differences do you notice between them and The Opal Miner’s Daughter?

Feature Title

The Opal Miner's Daughter

A captivating medical rural romance, where heartfelt encounters and unexpected journeys redefine love and life in the Australian outback.

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