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Books by Sara Wheeler (7)

  • A wonderfully original book about contemporary Russia as seen on journeys in search of Pushkin, Tolstoy, Lermontov, Chekhov, Gogol and Turgenev.

  • Six extraordinary women, their renaissance in America, and the most dynamic period in US history.

  • A collection of Sara Wheeler's extraordinary and exhilarating travel writing

  • Over a decade after her exploration of the Antarctic in Terra Incognita, Sara Wheeler uncovers the beautiful, brutal reality of the Arctic.

  • A brilliant new biography by the acclaimed author of Cherry and Terra Incognita

  • Apsley Cherry-Garrard (1886-1959) was one of the youngest members of Captain Scott's final expedition to the Antarctic. Cherry undertook an epic journey in the Antarctic winter to collect the eggs of the Emperor penguin. The temperature fell to seventy below, it was dark all the time, his teeth shattered in the cold and the tent blew away. 'But we kept our tempers,' Cherry wrote, 'even with God.'

  • A modern classic of Antarctic exploration, beautifully rejacketed to join The Magnetic North