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Books by Oliver James (7)

  • A controversial and groundbreaking take on the nature-nuture debate

  • A fascinating exposè of office culture, in the style of bestselling Affluenza, from popular psychologist Oliver James

  • Oliver James - leading psychologist and bestselling author of Affluenza - presents real-life interviews, fascinating research and clear guidance to ensure we don’t f *** up our under-threes

  • The paperback of Oliver James's Sunday Times bestselling groundbreaking and practical method for managing dementia and Alzheimer's

  • Oliver James furthers the Affluenza debate with radical new arguments and looks deeper into the origins of the virus in this companion volume

  • The paperback of the Sunday Times bestseller: Oliver James tours the minds of the middle classes, in search of an anwer to the question: is it possible to be successful and stay sane

  • Why we're unhappier compared with 1950, despite being richer - from bestselling author of Affluenza, Oliver James