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Nicolas Obregon

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British born of a Spanish father and a French mother, Nicolás Obregón grew up between London and Madrid. As a travel writer, Nicolás has had an extensive experience of Japan, but the beginning of his fascination with the country came from watching Japanese cartoons as a young boy. The inspiration for Blue Light Yokohama is easy to mark. During his first trip to Japan, Nicolás came across an article about a real-life crime which was to haunt him. Sixteen years after this atrocity, the case remains unsolved. Nicolás Obregón is a graduate of the acclaimed Birkbeck Creative Writing Masters course and a former bookseller for Waterstones.

Books by Nicolas Obregon

Unknown Male

Inspector Kosuke Iwata returns to Japan after ten years to confront the ghosts of his past, and catch a dangerous killer

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Sins As Scarlet

While investigating a brutal murder of a transgender woman in LA, Inspector Iwata discovers a world of corruption and murder centred around the exploitation of Mexican immigrants

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Blue Light Yokohama

A hauntingly atmospheric debut thriller from a stunning young talent

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