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Books by Mark Cocker (7)

  • Another beautiful, revelatory country diary from one of the best nature writers in Britain.

  • A radical examination of Britain's relationship with the land, by one of our greatest nature writers.

  • The Birds and the Bees series from Vintage Classics - beautiful editions of the finest British nature writing

  • After the massive, world-spanning, unanimously acclaimed Birds and People Mark Cocker looks in fascinating detail at his home parish in Norfolk and its wildlife

  • The definitive groundbreaking book on the relationship between birds and humankind, with contributions from bird enthusiasts from all over the world. Endorsed by the RSPB and BirdLife International.

  • Mark Cocker's brilliant description of his journeys in search of crows and ravens, birds that obsessed him and changed his life for ever

  • The Fever Pitch of birdwatching: the story of an obsession, and of the peopIe who share it, by one of Britain's leading birdwatchers.