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Books by Malcolm Knox (7)

  • Wicketkeepers are the closest eyewitnesses to cricket's story. In The Keepers, award-winning journalist and writer Malcolm Knox re-examines the history of Australian cricket through the eyes and narratives of the talented, resilient men at the heart of the play.

  • Boom reveals the history of mining as the Australian story, for better or worse. Insightful, compellingly readable and full of extraordinary characters, it shows how mining and miners have shaped our history and gripped our imagination through boom and bust.

  • Bradman's War celebrates the talents of Ray Lindwall, Sid Barnes, Lindsay Hassett, Bill Johnston, Arthur Morris and, of course, their irrepressible captain, but wonders if the Don's single-minded tactics, even against the war-ravaged veterans of the country clubs, cost Test cricket the opportunity to be played for the love of the game.

  • ‘…a wonderful book that ought to be compulsory reading for lawyers, judges, law students and all citizens who are interested in our system of criminal justice’ - Robert Richter, QC, The Age

  • A hilarious re-telling of Australia's glorious history from critically acclaimed author Malcolm Knox

  • A brilliant glimpse into the secret world of men by the acclaimed author of SUMMERLAND.