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Books by Jerry White (6)

  • A micro-history of 18th & 19th century London and the story of the capital’s notorious debtors’ prison, immortalised by Charles Dickens

  • A unique look at London during the First World War, seen through the eyes of the people who lived there by an acclaimed writer who ‘is to London as Boswell is to Johnson’

  • A brilliant, acclaimed book which examines one of the world's greatest cities during one of the most tumultuous centuries.

  • The richest and most absorbing account of the city's greatest century by the master of London history

  • Most studies of the British working-class experience deal with labour aristocrats and the 'respectable poor'. Campbell Bunk gives the first full account of a 'rough', sub-proletarian community and the forces which moulded, changed, and eventually destroyed it.

  • 'Jerry White has written a moving and richly detailed history of those times and those people. They are recalled like a lost tribe, revealing the extraordinary courage of ordinary people in their day-to-day battle for existence' - Guardian