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Books by Janet Frame (6)

  • A new collection of non-fiction writings which reveal new insights into the life and work of internationally acclaimed New Zealand author, Janet Frame

  • The Daylight and the Dust: Selected Short Stories is the most comprehensive selection of Janet Frame’s stories ever published, taken from the four different collections released during her lifetime and featuring many of her best.

  • Faces in the Water draws on the experiences of Janet Frame’s early life, but it also explores the world of the mind - isolated and inarticulate - showcasing Frame’s wisdom, compassion and genius.

  • Through the eyes of a woman of myriad personalities - ventriloquist, gossip and writer - Janet Frame playfully explores the process of writing fiction.

  • Suffused with beauty and tenderness and shot through with self-deprecating humour and frailty.

  • With a heartfelt introduction from Jane Campion. Janet Frame brings the skill of an extraordinary novelist and poet to these vivid and haunting recollections.