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Books by Giovanni Boccaccio (4)

  • Bawdy, hilarious, tragic and surprising, Boccaccio's fourteenth-century masterpiece theDecameron is a collection of stories told by a group of young people taking refuge from plague-ridden Florence. 

  • The Decameron is structured in a frame narrative, or frame tale. Boccaccio begins with a description of the Black Death and a group of seven women and three men who flee from plague-ridden Florence to a villa in the (then) countryside of Fiesole for two weeks. To pass the time, each member of the party tells one story for each one of the nights spent at the villa. Although fourteen days pass, two days each week are set aside; one day for chores and one holy day during which no work is done. In this manner, 100 stories are told by the end of the two weeks