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Books by Fred Pearce (6)

  • Companion to the groundbreaking NETFLIX original documentary series narrated by Sir David Attenborough, OUR PLANET presents a new view of the world, using stunning photographic images and graphics to reveal animal behaviour and environmental change that we've never seen before.

  • How City financiers, Chinese billionaires, oil sheikhs and agribusiness are buying up our hungry, crowded world. Brilliant, trail-blazing reportage.

  • Fred Pearce explores every aspect of the world's rainforests. Following the trail of jungle adventurers from the past and from our high-tec present, he examines both the remains of early civilizations and the clues to our own civilization's dependence on the flora and fauna of the canopy.

  • A groundbreaking book that reveals the truth about population levels, and where they will take us in the future.

  • This book offers the hidden story behind all our everyday things, revealing the cost of well-meaning but muddle-headed thinking.

  • Impeccably researched and explained survey of the evidence for imminent dramatic climate change.