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Books by Frank McLynn (9)

  • The greatest story of military conquest in history from a ‘master storyteller’ (Guardian)

  • incisive analysis cutting to the heart of Britain's most turbulent moments and looking at why Britain may have been brought to the brink at times, but didn't descend into revolution.

  • A vivid, brutal and enthralling account of the Burma Campaign - one of the most punishing and hard-fought military adventures of World War Two

  • The vivid, magisterial and long-awaited biography of Marcus Aurelius, the Roman Emperor - and embodiment of the philosopher's king - whose life and works still speak to us 2,000 years after his death.

  • The greatest military leaders in history and the psychological qualities that made them the ultimate warriors

  • The truth behind Richard the Lionheart and Bad King John - brilliantly readable, scrupulously researched and full of powerful story-telling.

  • A remarkable new book on a crucial moment in British and world history.

  • One of our best popular historian tells the remarkable story of the events that took place in 1066, probably the most famous date in English history.

  • 'A brilliant biography which will surely become a classic life of Napoleon.' The Times