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Books by D J Taylor (9)

  • Gossipy journalists, revolutionary poets, political novelists and influential professors: a fascinating history of taste in literary culture over the last century

  • A taut and gripping thriller: King Edward VIII is on the throne and keen to broker peace at any cost - WWII could turn out very differently...

  • 'Brilliant... A most enjoyable and skilful biography' - A. N. Wilson

  • A gripping novel of romance and rivalry, gambling and greed, from acclaimed novelist and biographer D.J. Taylor

  • A wonderful novel of concealment and subterfuge, sweeping from Kansas to London, from 1904 to 1936, by the author of Kept - about a woman's rise and fall, the chances she takes and the secret which will undo her.

  • A remarkable history of the 'lost generation' of the 1920s - parties, scandal, Jazz, clashing generations and the dark legacy of war.

  • Madness, greed, love, obsession, Machiavellian plotting and a great train robbery in a captivating Victorian mystery about the extreme and curious things men do to get - and keep - what they want.

  • A fascinating study of a bygone era: the rise and fall of amateur sportsmen