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Books by Anthony Quinn (7)

  • A captivating thriller novel set in wartime London about the dangers of deception and loyalty in love

  • Sex, drugs, cinema and stardom in a glorious technicolor romp through London's Swinging Sixties.

  • From the author of Curtain Call comes a haunting story of female friendship stretching from VE Day to the swinging Sixties

  • Murder, ambition and dangerous love in London's Theatreland.

  • A tale of love and conspiracy in Dickens' London. From the author of Half of the Human Race.(Channel 4 TV Book Club).

  • A captivating and engrossing new novel on the Suffragette movement, county cricket and the First World War by the prize-winning Anthony Quinn.

  • In a Liverpool torn apart by the Second World War, the 'Rescue Man' takes to saving the wounded from bombed buildings. But can he stop his own life from unravelling?