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Star Wars™ Craft and Science Project: R2-D2 Holoprojector

A light-bending craft from a galaxy far, far away.

The All New Must Have Orange 430 Activity Pack

The All New Must Have Orange 430 activity pack is the latest and the greatest. Something that you absolutely have to have!

Blast Off! Activity Pack

These solar system activities are simply out of this world! Have fun colouring and exploring the planets with Blast Off!

The Last Peach Activity Pack

Enjoy the last of the summer fruit with these peachy activities!

Go Go and the Silver Shoes Activity Pack

Put your best foot forward and have fun with these shoe-themed activities!

Top Ten Ways to Celebrate May the 4th

Fun ways to celebrate Star Wars Day.

Need a Book Week costume quickly?

For the next week, kids around the country will be taking part in activities involving their favourite book characters. Everything from colouring in and craft to dressing up as their favourite character for the day. Why? Easy . . . Children’s Book Week is here!

The Unmourned Crossword

Settle down with a cup of eight down and test your skills. 

Colour in Lee Lin Chin

Sharpen your pencils…

Where Should Your Next Adventure Be?

Take our World of Wanderlust-inspired quiz and find out.

Lolcatz Pub Quiz

Andrew Masterson’s Lolcatz, Santa, and Death by Dog facts exposed.

The Soldier’s Curse Crossword

Test your skills and meet Hugh Monsarrat.

Elizabethan England Quiz

How much do you know about Shakespeare’s stomping ground?

You Choose the Outcomes

How well do you know George Ivanoff’s You Choose series?

Peter Rabbit’s Missing Onions

Help Peter find the missing onions so he can safely return home.

Little Golden Books Matching Game

Test your memory and match the Little Golden Book covers.

Rick Riordan Bookmarks

Print your own legendary Magnus Chase and Percy Jackson bookmarks.

Adventure Quiz

Take George Ivanoff’s adventure quiz and find out how ready you are.

DIY Ranger's Apprentice Cloak

Follow Ranger Tess’s instructions and make your own costume.

Collage with Eric Carle

Follow the steps to make your own Very Hungry Caterpillar collage.