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Article  •  13 July 2022


DK Eyewitness bookseller guide

Explore DK's revitalised travel list, covering everything local and abroad.

After a long time grounded, the urge to explore is stronger than ever. 

There’s no doubt that the travel landscape has changed. Since the outbreak of the pandemic lead to the postponement of large parts of our publishing, we’ve been working on updating and modifying our list to meet the needs of our readers. So, in our new 2022 guides, there’s increased coverage of outdoor activities, healthcare provisions, and alternative options away from the crowds. With ongoing changes in demand, we’ve arranged our publishing schedule to focus on post-pandemic trending destinations. 

The goal is to enable travellers to make informed, eco-conscious and safe choices without compromising on their experience. We believe in travel as a force for good and know that celebrating differences in culture is more important than ever.

Download the DK Eyewitness Bookseller Guide here.

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