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Activity  •  9 November 2021


Hooray! Take a Bluey quiz.

Based on the book and episode, Christmas Swim.

How well do you know Bluey: Christmas Swim? Take the quiz to find out!


  1. What does Bluey name the toy she gets for Christmas?

  2. What does it say on the aprons that Nana gives Bandit and Uncle Stripe?

  3. What shapes are the lilos that Muffin and Socks get for Christmas?

  4. What does Bartlebee get attacked by in the swimming pool?

  5. What game do the Heelers play at Christmas in the pool area?

  6. What part of Bartlebee’s body gets broken by Bandit?

  7. Who video calls from somewhere tropical on Christmas day?

  8. Why does Bartlebee want to go home from Christmas?

  9. What Christmas present does Bingo use to bandage up Bartlebee’s arm?

  10. Fill in the blank: Bartlebee is having his _________ Heeler Christmas.





1. Bartlebee

2. World's Best Chef

3. An Island with palm tree and a slice of pizza

4. A crocodile

5. Classic catches

6. His arm

7. Uncle Rad and Frisky

8. He says Bluey's family is too rough

9. Her doctor's kit

10. First

Bluey: Christmas Swim Bluey

Based on the hit ABC KIDS TV show!

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