The White Woman on the Green Bicycle

Author: Monique Roffey

Price: $24.95
SKU: 9780143011323

When George and Sabine Harwood arrive in Trinidad from England as young newlyweds, they have with them just a couple of suitcases and Sabine's prized green bicycle.  Their intention is to stay for not more than three years, but George falls in love with the island.  Sabine, however, is ill at ease with the racial segregation and unrest in her new home, and takes solace in the freedom of her green bicycle.

George and Sabine become more entangled in their life on the island – in all its passion and betrayals – and Sabine's bicycle takes her places she wouldn't otherwise go.  One day George makes a discovery that forces him to realise the extent of the secrets between them, and is seized by an urgent, desperate need to prove his love for her – with tragic consequences.


'Roffey creates a terrific sense of place: heat and languor, politics and passion, tropical smells and the heady music of the local patois, all combine to make the novel memorable.' The Age

'An earthy, full-blooded piece of writing, steaming with West Indian heat.' London Evening Standard

'Heart-rending and thought-provoking. You'll never see the Caribbean as just another holiday destination.' Elle

'A beautiful, moving and haunting book.' Edinburgh Evening News


Price: $24.95

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Book Cover:  White Woman on the Green Bicycle
Published: 01/06/2009
Format: eBook
ISBN: 9781742285252
Price: $12.99
Format:Paperback, 456 pages
price:AUD $24.95
Publisher:Penguin Aus.


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22 May 2015
Celebrating Where Song Began
​Congratulations to Tim Low for his win at the ABIAs last night. Where Song Began was named the General Non-Fiction Book of the Year.

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