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A Breed of Women
A Breed of Women Fiona Kidman
'Tautly written, often poetic, and dramatic . . . a first-class novel.' - Sydney Morning Herald
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A Crooked Rib
A Crooked Rib Judy Corbalis
A compelling novel based on the disastrous and scandalous marriage of New Zealand’s Governor Sir George Grey and his lively young wife, Eliza Lucy.
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A Fish In the Swim of the World
A Fish In the Swim of the World Ben Brown
Afffecting, evocative memoir by one of New Zealand's finest Maori writers.
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A Life On Gorge River
A Life On Gorge River Robert Long
Fascinating life of the remotest family in New Zealand.
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A Long Road to Progress
A Long Road to Progress Richard Hall
Fascinating dispatches from a Kiwi Commander in Afghanistan.
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A Long Slow Affair of the Heart
A Long Slow Affair of the Heart Bruce Ansley
Wine, food, love, a canal boat and France. Craving adventure, a writer goes in search of happiness on the French canals. Will his marriage make it home again?
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A Man Melting
A Man Melting Craig Cliff
A startlingly original collection of short stories that was winner of the 2011 Commonwealth Writers' Prize for Best First Book.
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A Many Coated Man
A Many Coated Man Owen Marshall
`The world's multiplicity is splendidly evoked; characters dart together and flash apart like goldfish.' - David Hill
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A Needle in the Heart
A Needle in the Heart Fiona Kidman
‘Each story is rich in dialogue, characterization and evocative imagery of our heartland and its people’ - Next
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A Perfect World
A Perfect World David Cohen
A father explores his son’s autism, and delivers a hopeful message
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A Sandwich Short of a Picnic
A Sandwich Short of a Picnic Felicity Price
A funny novel that tackles the serious issues of over-working, divorce and breast cancer
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A Secret Mind
A Secret Mind Kaye Kelly
A lively, moving novel that vividly recreates the 1880s: the harsh lives; the attitudes to madness and to drunkenness; and the strength of friendship and love.
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A Wife On Gorge River
A Wife On Gorge River Catherine Stewart
A follow-on from the bestselller A Life on Gorge River by Robert Long, by his wife Catherine.
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About Griffen's Heart
About Griffen's Heart Tina Shaw
Told in smart, nifty prose by a veteran writer, this YA story is gentle with tough moments, has a more-or-less happy ending and real heart-appeal for 12 to 15-year-olds.
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About Turns
About Turns Maggie Rainey-Smith
This novel, with its humorous insights into New Zealand women and their allegiances, will have you and your friends laughing in unison.
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Absence Joanna King
Edgy, insightful and brilliantly evoked, this compelling novel is impossible to put down.
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Acid Song
Acid Song Bernard Beckett
Forty-eight hours in the lives of characters headed for a showdown, grippingly told by an award-winning novelist.
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Across the Dreaming Night
Across the Dreaming Night Judith White
Shortlisted for Montana NZ Book of the Year Award, this is a vivid and beautifully drawn novel of love, loss and longing.
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All Day at the Movies
All Day at the Movies Fiona Kidman
'I can honestly say that this is one of the best books I have ever read' - Booksellers NZ blog
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All That Glitters
All That Glitters Denise L'estrange Corbet
A fascinating memoir from one of New Zealand's leading fashion designers.
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All the Way to Summer
All the Way to Summer Fiona Kidman
A book to treasure from one of our literary greats.
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Allan Hubbard
Allan Hubbard Virginia Green
The extraordinary rise and and tragic fall of South Canterbury Finance's Allan Hubbard.
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And Did Those Feet ...
And Did Those Feet ... Ted Dawe
Adventure, danger and mystery from the award-winning Ted Dawe.
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