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The White South
The White South Hammond Innes
A tense tale of disaster in the Antarctic - perfect fireside reading for cold winter evenings
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The Black Tide
The Black Tide Hammond Innes
A drama about the ruinious effects of oil slicks, and two people who take a stand to save the coastal landscape they love
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Killer Mine
Killer Mine Hammond Innes
Smuggling and dark family secrets come to light in another classic from the master of thrilling adventure
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Just So Stories
Just So Stories Rudyard Kipling
 Among Kipling's most loved works, the Just So Stories have been continually in print since 1902.
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Ladies of Lyndon
Ladies of Lyndon Margaret Kennedy
Insightful, witty and caustic, Margaret Kennedy shows how the inhabitants of a perfect English country house, and their old ideas of family and respectabilty, must change and adapt to the new pressures of a modern world
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Together and Apart
Together and Apart Margaret Kennedy
A comfortable marriage is pulled apart by vague dissatisfaction, romantic fancies, gossip and petty argument - a masterfully told modern tragedy by the author of The Constant Nymph
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The Invisible Man
The Invisible Man H.G. Wells
A cautionary horror story about the dangers of greed, isolation and a science without ethics, from the father of science fiction
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Frankenstein Mary Shelley
A beautiful hardback edition of Mary Shelley's Gothic horror classic, Frankenstein, to coincide with the 200th anniversary of the book's publication
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The Blackbirder
The Blackbirder Dorothy B. Hughes
Espionage, adventure and a hard-boiled heroine not to be trifled with - this classic noir will have you gripped from start to finish
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Great Expectations
Great Expectations Charles Dickens
The mysterious tale of an orphan who is made into a gentleman, with one of the best opening scenes you'll ever read!
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New Grub Street
New Grub Street George Gissing
George Gissing's best-known novel shows us the literary underbelly of Victorian England, and the writers striving to forge their reputations in 'the street of no shame'.
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War Stories
War Stories Sebastian Faulks
A unique anthology that brings together the best fictional writing about war in the last century
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Butcher's Crossing
Butcher's Crossing John Williams
The author of Stoner delivers something completely different but equally unique, skewering romantic notions of the Wild West with a brilliant, brutal tale of buffalo hunters that reverberates with understated power.
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The Old Wives' Tale
The Old Wives' Tale Arnold Bennett
A long-neglected twentieth century masterpiece about the lives of two sisters, spanning seventy years of the nineteenth century from Northern England to Paris
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Troy Chimneys
Troy Chimneys Margaret Kennedy
A remarkable historical novel, set in Austen-era England, exploring issues of identity, love and class, from the author of The Constant Nymph
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The Forgotten Smile
The Forgotten Smile Margaret Kennedy
The perfect holiday read: four visitors discover a new lease of life and reawaken old loves on a mysterious Greek island
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Treasure Island
Treasure Island Robert Louis Stevenson
A beautiful Puffin Classics hardback inspired by the V&A Museum's collection of the work of William Morris.
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The Yellow Houses
The Yellow Houses Stella Gibbons
The second of two forgotten novels by Stella Gibbons, discovered in 2014 and published now for the first time
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Pure Juliet
Pure Juliet Stella Gibbons
Never before published, the lost novel by the bestselling author of Cold Comfort Farm
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Augustus John Williams
'Williams has fashioned an always engaging, psychologically convincing work of fiction-a consistent and well-realized portrait' The New Yorker
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The Enchanted April
The Enchanted April Elizabeth Von Arnim
Funny, irreverent and full of joy, this is the perfect book to accompany you on holiday - a celebration of escaping the everyday
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They Burn Thistles
They Burn Thistles Yashar Kemal
The sequel to Memed, My Hawk - an epic tale set in the Turkish mountains by Turkey's most important twentieth-century writer
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The Power of the Dog
The Power of the Dog Thomas Savage
A powerfully tense tale of domestic tyranny set against the wild open spaces of the American West - another rediscovered classic from the publishers of Stoner
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