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Good to Great and the Social Sectors
Good to Great and the Social Sectors Jim Collins
The author of the best-selling GOOD TO GREAT turns his attention to the problems of the social and public sectors – and suggests how to improve them.
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Building Agreement
Building Agreement Roger Fisher, Daniel Shapiro
The perfect follow-up to GETTING TO YES
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Cut to the Chase
Cut to the Chase Stuart R. Levine
Take control of your time and become more successful by following these simple rules.
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Crowdsourcing Jeff Howe
First there was The Long Tail. Now Crowdsourcing defines the next Internet revolution.
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Free Chris Anderson
The author of The Long Tail unveils his radical vision of the new economy
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Everything is Negotiable
Everything is Negotiable Gavin Kennedy
The fourth edition of this indispensible guide to negotiation shows you how to make sure you always get the best result.
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Bad Samaritans
Bad Samaritans Ha-Joon Chang
A radical look by a leading economist at the issues surrounding globalization.
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Buyology Martin Lindstrom
The New York Times best-seller on how we really make buying decisions, now in mass market paperback for the first time
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Common Sense Rules
Common Sense Rules Deborah Meaden
Common-sense business advice from the straight-talking Dragon
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Confessions of a Radical Industrialist
Confessions of a Radical Industrialist Ray Anderson
‘America’s greenest CEO’ and the hero of award-winning documentary The Corporation makes the urgent, compelling case that sustainable business pays
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On Leadership
On Leadership Allan Leighton
The definitive analysis of what it takes to be a great business leader, written by one of the UK's top businessmen and based on interviews with leading figures from every walk of business life.
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The Encore Effect
The Encore Effect Mark Sanborn
Make your performance count
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The Knack
The Knack Norm Brodsky, Bo Burlingham
Street smarts and business acumen are within any entrepreneur’s reach - all you need is 'the knack'
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The Crunch
The Crunch Alex Brummer
The first book to take the lid off the events surrounding the collapse of Northern Rock and the onset of the credit crisis – now specially updated for the new mass market edition
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The Great Pensions Robbery
The Great Pensions Robbery Alex Brummer
A devastating and gripping account of one of the great government scandals of our time
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Bulletproof Mark C Scott Scott
When the credit crunch hits, the workplace will be a battlefield. Find out how to dodge the redundancy bullet.
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How the Mighty Fall
How the Mighty Fall Jim Collins
Whether you prevail or fail, endure or die, depends more on what you do to yourself than on what the world does to you.' Jim Collins
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Makers Chris Anderson
How the internet is transforming industry and national economies
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The Talent Masters
The Talent Masters Ram Charan, Bill Conaty
The how-to guide to developing talented leaders in your business
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Payback Time
Payback Time Phil Town
A guide to the best investment strategy for risk-free wealth
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Intelligent Leadership
Intelligent Leadership Alan Hooper, John Potter
A high-profile academic and consultant partnership move the debate on from emotional intelligence to show how leaders can create a passion for change and innovation
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Saving The Sun
Saving The Sun Gillian Tett
'A classic tale of East meets West, a subject Tett makes as intriguing in business as it is in war or romance.'International Herald Tribune
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Little Bets
Little Bets Peter Sims
Little bets' are part of a positive and proactive business philosophy for turning problems and setbacks into tools for success
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How the Stock Markets Work
How the Stock Markets Work Colin Chapman
Highly accessible guide explaining all the ins and outs of the stock market.
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