Authentic Cambodian Recipes: From Mother to Daughter

Author: Long Sorey & Linden Kanika

SKU: 9789814276863

'Best Asian Cuisine Cookbook in the World' (French Edition) Gournmand Cookbook Awards)

  • Part cook book, part epic family history. 
  • Follows the author from the fall of Phnom Penh to the heights of French society.
  • Loving recreations of authentic Cambodian cuisine by returning chef and former refugee.
  • Ingredient substitutes and recipe variations indicated where applicable.
  • More than 100 authentic Cambodian recipes written with simple and clear instructions.

Authentic Cambodian Recipes: From Mother to Daughter charts the turbulent life story of Sorey Long through authentic Cambodian fare. Together with her daughter Kanika, Sorey gathered her memories and wrote of her life's experiences and the recipes linked to her past. The mother and daughter collaboration resulted in a book, originally published in French under the title Au pays de la Pomme Cythère. The book was awarded 'Best Asian Cuisine Cookbook in the World' at the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2009.

Sorey Long has dedicated her entire life to her passion, food. Through the ups and downs of her turbulent life—as the daughter of a governor, a cake-seller in the market and later as a minister's wife who organised embassy receptions—Sorey discovered the many facets of Cambodian cuisine, both popular and sophisticated, and pursued her love of cooking through war and exile. As a teacher in vocational training, Sorey taught cooking for over 30 years, first in Cambodia then in France. It is this unique experience that has allowed her to combine Cambodian traditions with French culinary techniques. At the same time, Sorey has tirelessly promoted traditional Khmer dishes during events organised by Cambodian charities in France. She also presented Cambodian cooking through the television programme Cuisine des Autres (Cuisine of the World) and on the radio with France Culture.  She was invited as a guest chef at the renowned Le Cordon Bleu culinary school
in London to demonstrate a few recipes from this book.

Kanika Linden was the driving force behind the production of this book, helping her mother, Sorey, pen down the recipes and take the photographs. Her main motivation was to learn and share the culinary expertise of her mother. Kanika holds an MBA from ESSEC, a French business school. She also studied photography at Blake College and Westminster Kingsway College in London.

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