An Idiom a Day Vol 1: Illustrated Stories of Chinese Sayings

Author: Yuan Wu & Jiaxun Wang (illus)

SKU: 9789814276771

A handy collection of Chinese idioms, for you to appreciate the meaning behind the different terms and to put them into use.

  • Each idiom comes with a brief history on its origin that is very reader-friendly.
  • Readers can also learn about well-known historical figures that are immortalised in some of China's literature such as 'Romance of the Three Kingdoms'.
  • The coloured illustrations of the stories are presented in short comic strips, which will appeal to children and young adults.

Chinese idioms are a fun and playful part of the Chinese language. Most of the time, they consist of phrases or sentences that do not literally mean what they say. Even if you know every word that you see in a Chinese idiom, you may still have difficulty understanding the idiom completely.  To effectively know what an idiom means, it is best to gain an insight into the history or folklore that vividly brings it to life. Each of the 92 stories in this volume explains, through a series of colourful illustrations, what the idiom means and how you can use it. This four-volume series will teach you an idiom a day, in a fun and interesting way. Go ahead. Learn the history, absorb the wisdom and work the lingo!

Price: $16.95
Format:Paperback, 190 pages
price:AUD $16.95


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26 Jun 2015
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