The Game: Undercover in the Secret Society of Pickup Artists

Author: Strauss Neil

SKU: 9781920885984
Discover the international sensation of THE GAME, a compulsively readable account of one man's brush with the madness at the fringes of civilised interaction. It's dating, but not as we know it.

Journalist and music critic Neil Strauss was no player. By his own assessment he's far from attractive: no confidence, no partner, no patter. He's far more comfortable with a good book and a decent conversation than with a chat-up line.

But a chance encounter introduces him to the seduction community – a secret society committed to chasing, and catching, women. Through internet newsgroups and workshops, he enters a world of bizarre characters, a secret society of eccentric bachelors and arrested adolescents to whom the opposite sex is little more than prey. Men with their own codes of honour who believe it is possible to pick up women through a prescribed set of rules and techniques – The Game. In no time Neil Strauss, average frustrated chump, is no more. In his place is Style; pick-up artist extraordinaire.

Price: $34.95
Book Cover: The Game: Undercover in the Secret Society of Pickup Artists
Format:Paperback, 464 pages
price:AUD $34.95
Publisher:Text Publishing


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15 Apr 2014
Fellowship of Australian Writers National Literary Awards Results 2013
Congratulations to both Malcolm Knox and Iain McCalman recently commended in the FAW Excellence in Non-Fiction Awards. Established in 1978, this is an award for a non-fiction book of sustained quality and distinction with an Australian theme, first published in Australia.Highly Commended
Boom: The underground history of Australia from gold rush to GFC by Malcolm Knox

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