Culture Shock! France: A Survival Guide to Customs and Etiquette

Author: Adamson Taylor Sally

Price: $26.99
SKU: 9780761480679

CultureShock! France reveals the complexity that is the French psyche and guides readers to settling into this beautiful land.

  • Insights into the people and their culture and traditions. 
  • Advise on adapting into the local environment. 
  • Essential information on the coutnry's history, traditions, beliefs, etiquette, cusine and leisure activities. 
  • Suggestions on how to get the most out of the travel experience. 
  • Linguistic help and hints on how to learn the language and do business. 
  • A useful list of foreign words and phrases and a conprehensive resource guide. 
  • A glossary books for further reading and a list of interesting websites for additonal reference. 
  • Lively and humorous illustrations that capture the essence of the text.

CultureShock! France peels away the layers of the French and their country to reveal the heart of the Gallic temperament. The book navigates through essential topics such as learning the French language, how best to work with the French, observing their body language and even how to choose wine in a restaurant. Glean practical advice on finding a home, getting the utilities running and putting the children into school. Find out more about the French, a complex people who maintain a cool composure on the outside yet are inwardly passionate about art, romance, cuisine and wine. Discover how easily the French recognise a foreigner just by the way their salad and pasta are eaten and learn how to avoid being the object of their criticism. CultureShock! France is a must-read guide to all the essential information needed for one to feel right at home in France.


Price: $26.99
Format:Paperback, 0 pages
price:AUD $26.99


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10 Jul 2014
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The State Library of NSW has announced the shortlist for the National Biography Award, which recognises ‘the continuing importance and value of life writing’. Congratulations to Gideon HaighThe winner will be announced on 4 August at an event at the State Library of NSW, which coincides with the beginning of the library’s Biography Week. Read more about the prize and Biography Week events here.

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